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A Message from Florie

I’m an artist, designer, business owner, wife, and mom to an awesome teenage son and 3 crazy dogs, and a total artsy geek who has spent my entire career creating beautiful places for children and families to be in. 

With Salt Flower Studio, I help working parents create joyful and sophisticated spaces for their kids that doesn't make them feel like they are living in a toy store.

Your child's space is where they play, collect, create, learn, socialize and dream.  These spaces have to be tough enough to handle all the fun, organized enough to hold all the stuff, and nice enough so that you can actually leave the door to their space open!

I believe that children's spaces should look sophisticated because believe it or not, children DO appreciate tastefully done spaces more than spaces that are cartoonish.  

But most importantly, I believe your child's space should be the kind that they never forget because it spoke to their hearts and to their dreams, long after they fly the nest.  

In my own bedroom as a young girl in the 70's, I remember my pink and green daisy wallpaper, white and green lacquered furniture, and a closet that held all my favorite dresses and toys.  I remember a view to my friend's house across the street out of one window, and a view to an orange tree out the other window.  I remember my room as a special place to go when I needed some time away, and a place to be proud of to share with my friends.  

When I became a mom, I wanted the same kind of space for my son, one that was warm, inviting, organized and functional, but was one that didn't scream toy store when friends and family came to visit.  And when I became a teacher, school director and children's art studio business owner, I did the same thing: create beautiful places that children and families wanted to be in.


Because I have been working with children and families for over 30 years, you can expect a designer who will take the time to listen and truly understand your vision for your home, and find collaborative solutions so that your home looks and feels like YOU. 

Make no mistake, I’ll never be that annoying person who tries to turn your home into a shrine—causing heart attacks over spilled juice, or neck pain from pretty-yet-painfully-uncomfortable furnishings.  I'll be the person that steers you into the direction of joyfully beautiful spaces for your whole family!  

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to bring joyful spaces to people. I'm eager for you to tell me more about your project!