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After school Classes

Our afterschool art classes are the highlight of many of our student's week!  Check out some of the benefits of enrolling your child in an afterschool art program!  

Social Benefits: Socialization is becoming a lost art in our tech-focused society. Our art classes provide your child with the opportunity to meet and connect with new friends that share a common interest: art!  Participating in programs like ours can help encourage all children to become more socially active and skilled while creating their own masterpieces.

Educational Benefits:  The majority of children today are lucky if they receive just half an hour of art in their school per week, but even educators can tell you that creative programs like art provide children with a more well-rounded education.  Engagement in art also impacts other areas of academics that are not taught, like focus, concentration, planning, follow-through, problem solving and perseverance.

Emotional Benefits: Children who need to build their self-confidence often do so easily through art because of the sense of accomplishment that goes with it.  Our philosophy and approach is to never compare, but to encourage.  The freedom that children enjoy within the projects themselves provides some kids with a creative therapeutic outlet, which is a great counter-balance to the stress of school.  Coming weekly to our nurturing and supportive environment also provides some students with a sense of security and routine that they need.

Art Lab

Art and Nature

Design and Build Workshop

Sketch and Draw

Sew and Craft


Art Club

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