Yellow Bird Studio is a creative arts studio for children and families.  Our classes give you a place to create what is in your mind and in your heart with media that is as unique as you are.  If you are looking for a place to hold your party or event, our studio is an ideal, no-fuss solution if you need a fun and relaxing place for your friends, family or co-workers. 


No experience or knowledge of art is required- just the desire to have fun creating in a beautiful, social space that supports everyone.  Whether it is painting, sculpting, building or weaving, we hope to help you find media that connects with your inner voice and allows your ideas to bloom and self expression soar!

Give your child the edge in school without worrying about grilling, drilling or testing.  

Yellow Bird Studio's enrichment classes are designed with the most innovative teaching strategies available so that your child enjoys learning how to problem solve and think creatively in a fun and nurturing atmosphere through a wide variety of art media.

Our classes not only give you an easy way to boost your child's academic skills that is fun and individualized,  but is also easy and convenient for you, with no extra "homework" or practice needed to see extraordinary skill improvement that you won't find in most other enrichment programs.


Once upon a time...

About Pamela Navarro…

I grew up in a very creative family.   My father especially encouraged me to find different ways to express my ideas, dreams, and feelings.   At a very young age, art, dance, singing and theater helped me express and discover my true self, my voice, and my passions.   As a result of all of this creative exploration, I learned that expressing myself was valuable and had a positive impact on others as well.   I also developed an incredible sense of joy and confidence that I carry to this day.

My vision for sharing a love of the arts led me into teaching over 20 years ago. My greatest passion as a teacher has always been to emotionally connect with children, and nurture their ability to find their voice in this world. I am driven to help each child experience the joy, inner peace, and confidence I enjoyed as a child.


I connected deeply with the Reggio Emilia Approach when I learned about it in 1997. I knew that this approach would be the greatest tool in helping children of all abilities achieve their greater self.  I continued to develop professionally in Early Childhood Education, the Reggio Emilia approach, and art education in order to become the kind of teacher who can inspire children to be innovative thinkers and creators.  

My mission is to create spaces where children feel safe and supported as they create and find their voice - and Yellow Bird Studio is that space!   I look forward to creating through many different ways with the children in our community and helping them express everything their limitless imagination can think of-the possibilities are endless!



Do you like the idea of doing arts and crafts with your child but hate the thought of having to set up and clean up all that glitter, glue, paint and tiny peices of paper?

Maybe you just spent tons of money on materials on art supplies or a cute craft, only to have your child spend two minutes with it, leaving you with a mess to clean up, having to find a place to store everything, and the expense of having a bunch of art and craft materials you will never use again!

Or maybe you feel you just are not "creative" yourself and don't have time to learn, but you want to give your child experiences with the arts because you know how important creativity is to whole child development and how much they love it?

We're the arts and crafts room you wish you had in your house without the mess!  

Our art enrichment classes for toddlers and preschoolers are a great way to allow children to explore their world through arts, crafts and good, old fashioned play!   Classes are small in size and are based on the Reggio Emilia approach to children's learning.  We focus on using creative exploration of a wide variety of art media and techniques, always focusing on process rather than product, so that each child is allowed to self-express their ideas, thoughts and feelings through art!

About Florie Reber...

As a child, I loved art and design.  I spent countless hours crafting, drawing, decorating and designing for myself and for others.  It was my "zone" and the place where I felt at peace and joyful.  I also loved working with young children. As the ever-in-demand neighborhood babysitter, I loved teaching my young friends how to paint, draw, read, and learn about the world around them.

When it came time to go to college, my dad suggested that I become a teacher.  Once I obtained my degree and teaching certificate, I decided to focus on early childhood education and became a Kindergarten teacher- what better way to combine my love of kids and art!

My passion for the Reggio Emilia began when I was in graduate school in the early 1990's.  Reggio was fresh on the American education scene and I immediately connected to it's vision and the value put on allowing children to express themselves through their "hundred languages".  

For over the past twenty years, I directed of some of Tampa Bay's best preschools, where I brought the Reggio approach to learning to create wonderful places for children.  Feeling a calling at this point in my life to bring Reggio Emilia and the arts to ALL children in our area has led me to create Yellow Bird Studio. I hope that our studio brings you and your child the same joy of creativity through the arts that it does for me!  

You are totally invested in your child.

You are up to date on all the latest in brain research and child development so that your child has the tools and skills needed to be successful in school and in life.

You admire all those parents who do creative projects with their kids, but you just don't have the time, space or resources to do the same.

You need a place that will be fun for you and your child to spend time together, or that your child can go to on his own and have their creativty nurtured and imaginations stretched.

Come visit Tampa's "hidden gem" for kids and families:

Yellow Bird Studio!

Give your child the creativity edge!

Introducing an innovative program that brings creativity to your family's life with ease and flexibility in a space that is specially designed for mess and fun!

Yellow Bird Studio offers you different flexible options for enrolling in our art enrichment programs.

Frequent Artist, 4 week option:  Create your own schedule! We offer our regular toddler, preschool and school age classes Monday through Thursday, allowing you to bring your child weekly on the days it is most convenient for your family.  This option is best for those who can commit to coming weekly because weekly attendance allows students to work on skill building and finish long term projects.  Good for Hand in Hand Art.  

Punch Card, 5 class option: If you are unable to come weekly, you may sign up for our punch card option, which allows you to purchase five classes and come as you are able, September 1 through May 25.  Good for Hand in Hand Art, Paint and Puddles and Art Club only.  


Drop in classes: An option for the occasional artist, however, they are limited to specific classes and are first come, first served.  Great for families who just want to pop in for an art fix or those families visiting our area on vacation who want to try something different!  Good for Hand in Hand Art, Paint and Puddles and Art Club only.  

Open Studio: Pay at the door.  No pre-registration necessary. 

Special Classes, Events and Camps:  Are pre-registration only.  Some require a deposit to hold your spot. Please see specific camp description for more information. 

Art Club 2018 Winter/Spring Sessions

Winter: Introduction to Painting

January 8- January 24  : Watercolors

(No class on Monday January 15.  Please join us on a Tuesday or Wednesday class that week)

January 29- February 14: Acrylics

February 18- March 7: Oils

Cost: $95 per 3 week mini session

$270 for the full session

Spring: Assemblage and Mixed Media

March 19- April 4: Decoupage

April 9- April 25: Hand Sculpting with Clay

April 29- May 16: Paper Mache

Cost: $95 per 3 week mini session

$270 for the full session

Basic Studio Art Party

​A Basic Studio Art Party is great for someone who just wants to keep things simple and fun!  A Basic Studio Art Party includes:

  • One YBS staff member to plan, organize and carry out your party.

  • Use of the studio for up to 2 hours for up to 12 guests  to enjoy your party with full use of the studio.  

  • A custom painted monogram art panel to take home.

  • At least two age appropriate art projects for your guests to enjoy making and take home.

  • We supply all paper goods in colors that compliment the studio as well also other celebratory decor for your special day.

  • Cost: $300.00.  Add an additional half an hour for $50.

Semi-Custom Studio Art Party

Want to put a little extra spin on your event and choose a theme for your party?  A Semi-Custom Studio Art Party is a great option.  A Semi-Custom Studio Art Party includes:

  • One or two YBS staff member to plan, organize and carry out your party.

  • Use of the studio for up to 2.5 hours for up to 12 guests  to enjoy your party with full use of the studio. 

  • Choose your theme from our menu of art party themes. (We will go over the options at your free consultation).

  • A custom painted monogram canvas created by your guests to take home.

  • Up to three age appropriate art projects for your guests to enjoy making and take home.

  • We supply all paper goods in colors that compliment your chosen theme as well also other celebratory decor for your special day.

  • Cost: $400-$450

Custom Studio Art Party

Do you have a more specific theme in mind for your special day that reflects your unique interests or art ideas?  A Custom Studio Art Party will allow you to make your art dreams come true for you and your guests.  A Custom Studio Art Party includes:

  • Two YBS staff member to plan, organize and carry out your party.

  • Use of the studio for 2.5 hours for up to 14 guests  to enjoy your party with full use of the studio. (Additional guests up to 15 are $15 each). 

  • Tell us what your dream theme is and we will plan up to 4 curated art experiences and projects for your guests. 

  • A custom painted monogram canvas created by your guests to take home.

  • We supply all paper goods in colors that compliment your unique theme as well as other celebratory decor for your special day.  We will also set up any additional decor that you provide to make the day even more special.  

  • Cost: Starting at $500.00 (Additional cost may be charged depending on any other extra projects or extra decorating touches you would like to have).

At Your Location Art Party

Do you want to have an art party at your home, a park or other location?  Or maybe you have more than 14 guests, but we can't fit you in our studio?  We can do that!  At Your Location Art Parties are custom parties that reflect your one-of-a-kind dreams and ideas for your special day and can accommodate a larger guest list.

Details of what is included in an At Your Location Art Party are unique to each location and celebrant and will be planned with your party consultant.  A non-refundable consulting fee of $50 is required to visit your location within the Tampa Bay area.  

Cost: Starting at $500.00.  Final cost will depend on variables unique to each event.  

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What a perfect way to create memories and bond with your little one!  In this Mommy and Me open studio time, we provide you and your child with a mix of sensory experiences, open-ended exploratory process art experiences to explore together at your own pace.  We also do a bit of simple crafting projects that tie in with a theme or the season so you will leave with a sweet keepsake and enjoy time well spent.  Best for children ages 2.5 to 5.  Come in any time between 10-12 and stay as long as you like!

There will be no classes until September 2018.  Please check out our calendar in July, or subscribe to our newsletter or social media feeds for our fall schedule!

Our after school art classes are designed to not only teach children the technique of fine art but to offer them a peaceful environment to create and explore their artistic side. The studio's beautiful light and inspiring atmosphere provides them with an amazing place to explore a variety techniques with mediums you may not have lying around the house, like charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylics, oils, clay, sewing and embroidery.  

Paint Masters:  Does your child love expressing their ideas through color? Then this class is for you!  We will learn about color theory and expand our knowledge about visual arts while we explore different types of paint mediums and techniques in a way that allows for free expression and creativity. We will study the works of artists such as Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, O'Keeffe and many more! Your child will use the techniques learned to create an array of original masterpieces!   

Age: 7 to age 12

StartingVisit our calendar for dates and times.  Subscribe to our newsletter or social media feeds to find out when upcoming classes are offered.  

Caregiver required:   No

Pre-registration: Yes

Drop-in Class: No

Drawing 101Drawing is an acquired skill, and in this class we take sophisticated concepts and complex theories and make them fun and easy to learn.  Even if your child only likes to draw fantasy figures, a solid foundation in the basics will elevate their drawing to a new level! 

Age: 7 to age 12

StartingVisit our calendar for dates and times.  Subscribe to our newsletter or social media feeds to find out when upcoming classes are offered.  

Caregiver required:   No

Pre-registration: Yes

Drop-in Class: No

Art in the Park: What can be more fun that combining nature and art?  Art in the Park class takes kids and their families outside to be inspired by the patterns, colors and textures of nature to create a variety of art. Class starts out with a nature lesson specific to the location and habitat of the park, a group hike, a story and an art project to remember the day by. Caregivers are required to attend the class with their children. 

Age: All! 

Price: TBA

When: TBA on some Saturdays.  Subscribe to our newsletter or social media to get alerts for future classes.

Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Starting: TBA.  Please subscribe to our newsletter or social media feeds to be alerted of dates and times.

Caregiver required: Yes

Pre-registration: Yes, a minimum of six families needed to hold this class.  In case of cancellation due to bad weather, a credit will be issued for a future class or studio time.

Drop-in Class: No

How We Do It:

mini art club:

Children start out class with a lesson in a particular type of media.  Then, they enjoy moving freely between different media centers set up with drawing, painting, textiles, sculpting and mixed media under the guidance of our studio teacher who is trained in art and early childhood education. Independence as well as social skill learning and cooperative group work is encouraged as the children have the chance to work alone or together on large group projects.  We also introduce the idea of reusing and re-purposing commonly discarded objects and materials as sources of inspiration and creativity to make beautiful stuff!  Our focus is on process, not product, so dress for mess and leave the cleanup to us!!!

Sample Children's Party Themes


Harry Potter




Cup Cakes

Under the Sea

Mermaids/ Narwhals


Pet Shop

Rainbow Colors 

Tea Party

Sensory Fun 


Mad Science


Birds/ Garden Party 



Boats/ Pirates 



American Girl

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Yellow Bird Studio is conveniently located in South Tampa minutes from Highway 275 on

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