Are you lost about how to create an organized and joyful space that you and your children will love?

We can help you with our design and decorating services!



Are you discouraged by the process of designing, decorating or organizing your child's space all on your own?  Or maybe you are overwhelmed with all the research and decision making and are afraid of making bad and expensive mistakes?  Or maybe you are disappointed after hiring a non-baby or child design expert who doesn't get how kids grow and play? And maybe you just don't want to deal with the drama that goes with your child's strong opinions about their room? 


We can help!


⁠Designing a space for children and teens is not as easy as it seems and we should know!  We have been working with children's spaces for over 30  years and know what works and is worth the time, effort and money and what isn't.  We know how kids use spaces and how the spaces can grow with them as their interests and development changes.  And best of all, we know what looks good and how to create a space you would be proud to show off!

Salt Flower Studio is Tampa Bay's only interior design and decorating service that specializes in children's spaces, both indoors and out.  We can help you with:

  • Nursery design, decor and set-up for your precious new baby

  • Transitioning to a toddler or "big kid" bedroom 

  • Working with your tween or teen in making their vision come to life

  • Designing and decorating playrooms, arts and craft rooms, hobby rooms and homeschool spaces that become everyone's favorite room in the house

  • Play yards that promote creativity for hours of outdoor play

  • Organization and storage solutions for all  that kid's stuff

Our services include: 

  • A full interior design and installation service for busy parents who want a stylish nursery, bedroom, or playroom for their kids.

  • Detailed room designs to give you direction and a plan of action to implement at your own pace.

  • One-off design consultations – for example to show you how to make your child’s play area work with the rest of your home.

  • Bespoke storage and furniture designs to make the best use of tricky spaces.

Prices start at depend on the scope of your project. Please get in touch with us for a free Discovery Call to discuss a project you have in mind!