Children's Room

Interior design Services

Ms Florie is proud to introduce to you our additional way of bringing joy into your child and family's life with interior decorating and design services! 


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"Those of you who have visited Yellow Bird Studio know what a magical place it is!  We get people asking us if we could help them create a special space for their family quite often, which motivated me to create a sister business to the art studio:  Salt Flower Studio."


"I imagined a service for busy parents who could call on someone who is an expert in child development and who could design and decorate spaces that are true magic and that brought the whole family joy."​

"I have spent my entire career creating spaces that kids never want to leave!  With a Master's degree in education, and training in decor and design, I not only understand the full scope of childhood, but I can help you make the best decisions about how to create that memorable space for your child and that the whole family loves.  Creating wonderful places for children that are functional, developmentally appropriate and joyful is what I love to do!"  

​"If you dream of a space for your child or family that brings you joy, give me a call.  I would love to hear more about your project and help you make that dream a reality!  Please visit our sister business Salt Flower Studio to contact us and set up your free discovery call!"