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Our Philosophy and Approach to Teaching Arts and Crafts

The goal of Yellow Bird Studio is not to produce artists, rather, it is to allow the artist that is in each person to be comfortable and confident to come out and create.

At the core of our instruction is the teaching of the "Elements and Principles of Art", which are the building blocks used by artists to create a work of art.  They are what make up all art, from a flat painting, to a sewn project, to a clay pot.  They are Line, Shape/Form, Value, Color, Space and Texture.

The Principles of Art are the ways that the Elements of Art are used in artwork to create something special: Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Emphasis and Unity.  The way artists use these is what separates average from good, good from great, a copy from an original, the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

All our students are exposed to the Elements and Principles of art in a developmentally appropriate way that matches the age and experience of the students.  This is why we keep our groups small, so we can work closely with them and meet them where they are.

At the same time that the Elements and Principles of Art are the fundamental basis of creating art, it is important to us to give our art students CHOICE.  That is why Open Studio time during our classes is an essential part of what the students experience and what sets our program apart from others who solely focus on the basics.

Open Studio time also allows us to encourage Artistic Thinking and Behavior skills that apply way beyond the studio: Communication, Collaboration, Reflection, Problem Solving, Perseverance, Risk-taking and Divergent Thinking.

The students know that Yellow Bird Studio is THEIR studio, where they can explore and experiment and apply the lessons we learn together to advance their art in a personal and meaningful way.  

And this is why everyone who comes to Yellow Bird Studio loves it so much!

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