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School's Out Days: Come Make Art!

So many of you have expressed interest in enrolling your child in our after school art programs this year- thank you so much for your support!

Our Art Club for 2nd through 5th graders and our Mini Art Club for PreK-4 to 1st graders are full with a waitlist. Our Art Explorers class is full for October, but we will be opening it up at the end of November for our Session 3 class which will focus on drawing animals.

In the meantime, our School's Out Days are open for registration, and we only have one spot left for the first one! These camps are great for kids who couldn't get in to one of our afterschool classes or are on the waitlist. Here is the list of dates and times:

School's Out Days and School's Out Camps for 2019-20

Monday, November 11 (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday November 25,26,27 (must book all three) (10 AM-2 PM)

Thursday and Friday, January 2-3 (must book both dates) (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday, January 6 (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday, January 20 (10 AM-2 PM)

Friday, February 7 (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday, February 17 (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday, March 2 (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday-Friday, March 16-20: Spring Break Architecture Camp (must come to all 5 days)

(10 AM- 3 PM)

Friday, April 10 (10 AM-2 PM)

Monday, April 20 (10 AM-2 PM)

Friday Art Night This Friday!

Ms Pamela will be holding our first Friday Art Night on Friday, October 11 from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. The cost is $25 per child, $15 for the second child.

This event is for Kindergarten through 5th grade students only. Please make sure you child eats dinner before arriving, however, we will have juice and a light snack for the kids to munch on as the evening goes on.

Great for parents who want to go to dinner, have a relaxing Friday evening decompressing from a busy week, or for kids who can't regularly make it to the studio but want to!

Pre-registration is now open on our Registration and Payment page.

Only 10 spots are available, so please make sure to reserve your spot early in the week!

Monday, April 20

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