Our studio is a place to inspire, learn, relax, create, and have fun together.  

Take a look!  

We're the arts and crafts room you wish you had in your house without the mess! 

Tips for caregivers:

  • Dress for mess!  We do provide smocks, but play clothes are reccomended for children and adults.

  • For toddlers and preschoolers, allow your child to choose where they want to start first!

  • Nurture your child's process of making art rather than being focused on their finished product.

  • It's okay to make a bit of a mess- that is what art is about! On the flip side, you can also help your child to understand that we use only the amount we need for our projects.

  • Often, kids take the lead and engage in a very natural way with the space and the art materials available to them. There is rarely a need to intervene in their artistic process, except maybe to help them reach something that is too high or mix up another special color of paint. However, if you have come to the studio on a day when your child may need a little extra direction, our teachers are here to provide you with tools and ideas to help you and your child get started.

  • Bring a snack for the littlest artists. It will provide your child with a second wind to make even more art.

  • Feel free to help us keep the studio materials organized and neat for other visitors. We appreciate your assistance!

Yellow  Bird Studio

3347  S. Westshore Blvd

Suite #1

Tampa, FL 33629


Tel: 813-444-8098

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Yellow Bird Studio is conveniently located in South Tampa minutes from Highway 275 on

Westshore Blvd.     We welcome you to stop in and say hi and check out our beautiful studio!  


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