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Covid-19 and Illness Policies and Procedures

for Children and adults

  • Please do not come to the studio if he/she has any of these signs of illness: Fever of 100.3 or higher within the past 24 hours WITHOUT medication; persistent (productive or not productive) cough, runny nose or sneezing; unusual GI symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; loss of sense of taste or smell; unexplained rash.

  • If you, your child, someone in your family or someone that your child has had close contact with has tested positive for Covid-19 or some other serious contagious illness, please do not send your child to the studio.  If your child does test positive for Covid 19, please contact our studio.  Your information will remain confidential.

  • If anyone from the studio (teachers or students) test positive for Covid 19 or some other serious contagious illness, we will let families know and suspend classes until a quarantine period is over.

  • Refunds for diagnosed illness ONLY will be honored for camps and school's out days minus a 5% refund and administration fee.  

  • Studio attendees will follow all current local and state mandates for face coverings and sanitation.  We will keep the number of students to no more than 14 with one instructor. 

  • The studio is disinfected at the end of class using approved cleaners for communicable diseases on surfaces.

  • All children and guests are asked to practice good hygiene such as washing hands after coughing, sneezing and using the restroom.

  • All families are responsible for the health and well-being of themselves and will not hold the studio liable for any Covid related illness or injury.

  • You are responsible for sharing our policies with your party guests and asking anyone who is ill to not attend.


General Attendance Policies​​

  • All students must be the applicable age advertised for our classes, camps, workshops, and events. Our curriculum is created to be developmentally appropriate in hopes that each participant will have a positive experience, not a frustrating one.

  • Unless otherwise stated, a caregiver must accompany children under the age of 5 to our classes. 

  • Students must be potty-trained and able to independently care for their needs for all drop-off classes, camps or parent night out events.

  • We will not allow your child to wait outside unattended. Please do not leave your child outside if the studio has not opened.   

  • We are not a child care facility or staffed for before or after hours care beyond our regular class times.

  • For drop-off students, please let us know if someone other than the parent/guardian listed on the registration form will be picking up your child.

  • We cannot accommodate special medical, behavioral or cognitive conditions that require one-on-one care or the administration of medication, except in certain situations that may involve a severe allergy.  Please discuss this with us upon registration.  

  • When we are able to, we will accommodate persons with special needs.  Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.  There are ramp accesses to both buildings for people needing access with a wheelchair or other walking assisted device.  


 Registration, Payment, Refunds, Credits

  • Please use our online registration to register for your class, camp or event.  Our online registration and payment system is managed and secured through Wix booking systems and Square, and abides by their terms and conditions and methods for securing your data.  

  • We will put your name on a waitlist for class and camps that are full.  Contact us via phone or email to add your name on the list.

  • For special workshops/classes/events, pre-registration is required.  No walk-up registrations are accepted for these events.

  • Starting August 15, 2023, we will be automatically drawing payment for after school classes via your secured credit card for our classes on the 15th of the month from August through April.  

  • If you wish to stop your enrollment for after school classes, notice must be given no later than the 10th of the month to process your request.  If you give your request past the 15th, a 5% refund and administration fee will be subtracted.

  • Current students have priority for future spots in our ongoing after school classes.

  • For after school classes, if for some reason the class you registered for is not right for you child, or something else unexpectedly comes up, we will offer a refund for the classes left no later than the second class minus a 5% refund and administration fee.

  • We do not issue refunds for missed afterschool classes unless it is due to illness or injury that prohibits attendance, or due to a studio closure, at which time we will offer to give you credit toward a future class or a refund.

School's Out Days and Camp Payments and Refunds

  • Tuition is due at the time of registration in order to save your child's spot.

  • For School's Out days, you must give one week's notice to receive a refund unless we can fill your spot with someone on the waitlist.  We can use our discretion and offer you a credit toward another camp or class if we can fill your spot if less than one week's notice is given.  

  • For Summer Camp, full refunds will be given if requested by May 15, 2023.  A 50% refund will be given if requested by May 20, 2023, and no refunds will be given after May 26, 2023.

  • We do not prorate days for our camps.  We do not offer credits for missed days. There are no make-up days available for missed camp days.

  • Beginning August 2023, all refunds are subject to a 5% refund and administration fee, regardless of reason.

Bringing Guests

  • No guests are allowed to come with registered students to attend a class or camp.  If there is space, we can accommodate a guest for a drop-in fee at the studio's discretion and based on available materials.


  • We do take photographs of studio participants and use them on our Facebook and Instagram pages and some blog posts for promotional purposes.  If you do not wish to have you or your child's photo shared publicly, please let us know by checking the appropriate area on the registration form.  Otherwise, we only take photos of artwork and not the artist, during classes, events and parties, or keep the photos we take for our own records of the artwork that was created during a class, camp, party or event.

Release of Liability

  • As the legal parent or guardian of a minor, or as an adult student attending Yellow Bird Studio, visitors and students release and hold harmless, Yellow Bird Studio, its owners and operators from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action.  A release of liability form that is part of our registration process must be signed in order to participate.  

                                             Your Privacy is important

  • Any information that is collected from you either electronically (website or email) or physically (registration forms) is never shared with any other party or business.  We use Wix to manage our website, calendar and registration pages and defer any privacy and data collection policies to them.  You will only receive promotional information from us if you elect to subscribe to our newsletter, Facebook or Instagram page.  We will not add you to these forms of communication.  If you decide you no longer want to receive electronic newsletters, you may unsubscribe at any time.  If you subscribe to our Facebook or Instagram feed, you may unfollow us at any time.  If you are having any issues with these or any privacy matters as a result of engaging with our business, please contact us as soon as possible to help you resolve them.  For our mutual protection, we do not keep/store full credit card numbers.  Third parties such as Square, PayPal and Venmo only provide us with partial numbers for your security. 

Website Accessibility

  • It is important to us that all people interested in Yellow Bird Studio have the information they need.  At this time, our website has not been evaluated for ADA accessibility.  However, if you are unable to access any content or functionality available on our website, please call us at 813-444-8098 or email us at  We will make reasonable efforts to address the problem, which may include providing you with an alternative method(s) for obtaining the content, accessing the functionality, and or fulfilling your request.   

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