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Our Motto: Art+Freinds=Joy

We met over 20 years ago and connected over the rich possibilities that art has to bring joy to people's lives through creativity and relationships.  Working together in a variety of school settings, we brought learning through the arts to many children and their families in our community and saw first hand what an impact a beautiful place to create had on people's lives. 

Now we are at a point in our careers where we wanted to bring the arts to the broader community of children, so that anyone could experience the beauty and peace our approach brings to children's lives.  

We have a passion for creating art in an inviting place where friends can gather.  We love how the arts and the creative process have the ability to slow us down, make us more mindful and bring us to a time and place in our hearts that we long for as we live in our busy lives.  Most of all, nothing makes us happier than bringing a smile to your face as you create something that you can't wait to take home or share with someone. 

We hope that you pop on over to our little slice of creative heaven and join us for a peaceful time making art and making memories!

Florie Reber has over 30 years of experience designing and leading programs for children and adults in a variety of settings.  She has  a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida, with a focus on arts and sciences.  Florie is a creative visionary who understands the power of art and community to inspire us and bring us together for a common good.  She enjoys making beautiful art, reading, gardening and exploring the great outdoors with her husband, son and three crazy dogs.  

Pamela Navarro has been teaching children for over 25 years and has been a program coordinator, assistant director and parenting consultant along the way.  She holds a Child Development Associate credential and is a VPK certified teacher.  Pamela's warm and helpful nature makes her a favorite with everyone!  She is the proud mom to an adult daughter and is mama to Nina, the Yellow Bird Studio dog and mascot.  She enjoys dancing, music, days at the beach, creating art and hosting dinner parties.

Our newest team member is Esther Rock- more info about her coming soon!

Meet The Team

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