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Toddler and Preschool outdoor class!

In response to making sure that our children and families stay safe, healthy and happy, yet find opportunities to socialize and be creative, we will be offering a new class this year, Yellow Bird Nature School!  Yellow Bird Nature School (YBNS) incorporates the joy and benefits of being outdoors while learning about nature and engaging in a variety of experiences for creativity and self-expression.

YBNS is led by Yellow Bird Studio art teacher Florie Reber, who has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Florida Master Naturalist Certificate.  She will bring a balance of structured and unstructured learning opportunities that will help children and their families develop a respect and appreciation for the natural world and develop their creativity.  

This class is especially great for families who are choosing to keep their children home due to the Covid-19 virus, but would like an option for their children to benefit from being around other children to develop their social/emotional/cognitive/creative skills in an outdoor setting. 

YBNS Goals

1.  Provide children with a safe environment to interact with each other to develop good social skills.

2.  Connect children to nature using all their senses to develop a lifelong passion, appreciation and respect for the environment.

3.  Allow children to use their whole bodies as they move throughout a range of landscapes. 

4.  Experience the therapeutic benefit of being in nature for good mental health and stress relief.

5.  Create structured and unstructured opportunities with multiple media that nurture children's imagination, creativity and self-esteem.

6.  Provide caregivers with a chance to connect with each other and offer mutual support and encouragement

7.  Provide families an opportunity to explore and learn about the natural riches of our local city, county and state parks with an         experienced naturalist.

Location: One of our goals is to give you an opportunity to visit and explore a variety of Florida habitats.  We will meet in a variety of city, county and state parks throughout the Tampa/St. Pete area during each four week session.  Some will be close to South Tampa, others may be a 40 minute drive.  Specific parks for each session will be posted on the registration page for each session.  


Covid-19 Precautions: All social gatherings have a risk for transmission of Covid-19.  By joining this class, you are aware of the risks of social gathering and are responsible for the health of your family and agree to help keep others in the group safe.  Masks and social distancing are encouraged, however, please know that young children do find it hard to understand and do these precautionary habits.  YBNS teachers will wear masks or a shield when unable to social distance, but may go mask-less when giving some instructions or lessons while maintaining a safe distance.  Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 or who has been in contact with anyone with a positive diagnosis is asked to stay home.  For more information about how to stay safe, please visit:  Hillsborough County Covid-19 Information

If in the future the recommendations from health and government officials change, for either more, or less restrictions, the class may or not continue as described.  YBS Covid-19 Waiver of Liability       YBS Health Checklist

Refunds and Make-up Classes:  There are no refunds for this class.   Class will be canceled if the weather is too rainy (please check your email for notifications).  In the event that a class is cancelled, a make-up date will be arranged by us.  There are no credits for missed classes within a 4 week session, however, you may join us on an alternate day or in a future session for a make-up day.

Nature School for Preschoolers Ages 1.8 months through 5 years 

Time: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00

Cost: $75 per 4 week session; $55 for additional sibling  Register Now


Session 1: September 1 through September 22


10-10:15 Free Play: Social and Gross Motor Skill Development

10:15-10:30 Circle Time: Songs, Games, Puppet Show

10:30-11:00 Nature Hike: Observing and learning about our natural world

11:00:11:15 Story and a Snack (bring your own food and drink each time)

11:15-12:00 Art and Sensory Stations (individual and cooperative)


Yellow  Bird Studio

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Yellow Bird Studio is conveniently located in South Tampa minutes from Highway 275 on

Westshore Blvd.     We welcome you to stop in and say hi and check out our beautiful studio!  


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