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Gunn Highway Studio Weekly Schedule
for 2024-25 School Year
Enrollment Opens 7/1/2024

YBSN Class Calendar .png

After School Class FAQ's


*Our weekly classes run from August 19, 2024 through May 23, 2025 (36 total weeks/classes).

*Classes are divided into 9 sessions that are 4 weeks each and billing occurs on the 15th of the month until April 15.

*We do not hold classes during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break (Hillsborough County School Calendar only).


*We will prorate your tuition if you join us in the middle of a session or later in the year.  If you need to cancel, please give your notice 30 days prior to your last day. 


*If the class is not right for your child, we will refund your tuition and the refund will be subject to a  5% refund and administration fee.


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