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Afterschool Classes

After School Classes for Elementary School Children

Girls in Painting Class

Mini-Art Club

Young children love to create, explore and get messy! 

Mini Art Club is a drop-off art enrichment class for children in 

Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Developing a better understanding of the use and care materials and the creative process with those materials is the focus of our class.  This class is also a great way to give your child extra help fine motor skills associated with handwriting and other readiness skills.  Classes run August through May only.


$135 for a 4 week session.

Westshore Location Hours: 3:45-5:30

Gunn Location Hours: 3:45-5:30

Art Fun

Art Club

The focus of Art Club for our 2nd-5th graders to have their own place and time to create and make whatever is on their mind, just like a real artist's studio!   We use the Teaching for Artistic Behavior approach and let our emerging artists explore materials throughout the studio and choose how to best express their own ideas using the media of their preference to make artwork that is personally meaningful!  We balance this time with art lessons provided by our staff so that our students can also increase their knowledge about art, art history, color theory and other creative strategies, techniques and media.  Classes run from August through May only. 

$150 for a 4 week session

Westshore Location Hours: 3:30-5:30

Gunn Location Hours: 3:45-5:45

Students Building Windmill

Homeschool Art Club

Our Homeschool Art Club is perfect for families who are looking for a weekly social experience that also introduces them to the wonderful world of art!  Children learn new art techniques and explore media such as paint, paper mache, clay and even hand sewing and textile art. 

$135 for a 4 week session

Gunn Location Hours: Tuesdays 1:30-3:00

Westshore Location Hours: TBA


Little Artist

Teen Art Club

This class is designed to give teens an opportunity to relax, create, and socialize! Each week, we give step-by-step instruction for creating a new craft project. Socialization is highly encouraged throughout the meeting. We will learn basic crafting skills such as, hand sewing, painting, beading, jewelry making, clay, and many more. At the end of class, teens vote on what project they would like to do at the next meeting. This is perfect for middle schoolers who have aged out of our Art Club class and want to keep coming to YBS.  It is also great for creative kids who don't get to take art in school, or even kids who find making art a nice reprieve from the demands of middle school.  

$135 for a 4 week session

Westshore Location Hours: TBA

Gunn Location Hours: TBA

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