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Welcome to Creating More Joy!

The Art and Soul Collective

Free yourself from stress while you surround yourself with like-minded women who are on a journey of self-discovery through self-expression!


Art and Soul Collective classes meet every third Saturday of every month in 2024 from 6:30-8:30.  Cost is $20 per participant.  For women ages 18 and up!

Yellow Bird Studio is proud to host an ongoing journey through the seasons of our lives in a place of gathering...

Sketching Artist

When women gather, there is collective power to heal, find our voice, rise up and make a difference.

The mission of our Art and Soul Collective class is to provide the space and time for women explore the joy and healing power of art and community in a safe and beautiful space.

Have you been looking for a place that gives you time, space, materials and guidance for unleashing your creative soul?

At our Art and Soul Collective classes, you will experience the magic that happens when women gather, and the personal benefits of taking time for yourself to create art that comes from your soul.

Women are creative beings, and when we utilize our senses, intuition and creative power, we tap into an ancient way of  getting to know our deepest selves.

Every class begins with a guided meditation to relax and get ready to create.  The instructor will set an intention for our creating and explain the materials and techniques you will be using. 

Then you will be given complete freedom to do what your soul calls you to do, giving it voice and guiding you to it's message for you. 

You don't need to know how to draw or paint since the art you create will be intuitive and guided by that inner voice.

At the end, we take time to reflect on our creations and share with others, if you desire to.  When you leave, you will feel more grounded, connected, rejuvenated, loved and present.

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