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Our Mission:
To Bring Joy to People's Lives Through Creativity and Connection

It's more than just glitter and glue. It's about being together and sharing our talents, no matter how raw.  


It is about celebrating our uniqueness as creators of ideas.    

It is about exploring, discovering, connecting.

We Believe...

In Creativity:

We believe that creativity is in everyone. We believe creativity takes many forms and is the thing that makes us human, connecting us in every aspect of our lives.  We believe that everyone needs to have a time and place to engage in the creative process: to imagine, discover and play.

In Community:

We believe that creativity expresses itself in a supportive atmosphere where we learn from and listen to each other.  Making art with others motivates us to try new things, techniques, media.  Sharing our art with others gives us another reason to make art!

In Beauty: 

We believe beauty inspires us to create, so our studio is designed to be inspiring to both children and adults, making them feel comfortable to relax and explore their unique talents in a safe and encouraging environment.  

In Joy:

We believe that art has a way of transforming us, by giving us permission to put our cares and worries away for a little while, and be present in the moment.  Creative self-expression allows us to work out our feelings, frustrations and bring joy into our lives. 

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