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Where Art + Friends = Joy

Welcome to Yellow Bird Studio!

Why We Do What We Do...

We believe that everyone deserves a place and time to bring joy into their lives, and creating art, which is unique to you, is one of the best ways to do that!

What We Do...

We're all about the process of making art: having fun with and exploring materials, making all kinds of creative stuff, and making friends.  With after school classes, summer camps, school's out camps, weekend events and parties for a range of ages of children AND adults, we're sure you will find a program that gets those creative juices flowing! 


How We Do It...

We provide a beautiful studio space and a social atmosphere that sets the tone for creativity.  Abundant materials and supplies and supportive instruction for kids, teens and adults allows everyone to unleash their inspiration and creativity in a wide variety of ways.  And, we always believe that the process is more important than the product, so no special art knowledge is needed!


What Will Happen...

You won't leave with just an art project, but also with an amazing feeling of accomplishment and confidence because you have experienced wonderment and bravery that lives inside every single one of us!



Here's What's New at Yellow Bird Studio!

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Fall Art Classes
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Visit our Policies page for more information regarding Covid 19, refunds and other important information regarding refunds, registration, and privacy.

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