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Creativity is important

Like our website says, it's not just about glue and glitter. Creativity is at the core of what we strive to make accessible to everyone- but why? Because more than ever, creativity is the one way we will figure out solutions to all the problems we face, in our own lives, and on the broader community, national and global stage.

We need creativity now then ever for this reason, and because in an ever-technologically-run world, it is the piece that makes things human.

We need creativity to remember our humanity.

We need creativity for our sanity.

We need creativity now more than ever.

So giving the gift of creativity, in it's endless forms, is a priceless thing we can give ourselves and our children.

And although creativity is seen as a mainly solo process, it is at it's most joyous when experienced and expressed in a social atmosphere.

We love doing group creative experiences because the connection between creatives brings out our best.

We are so excited and feel privileged

to bring these creative experiences to you and are working hard to get our studio to be that perfect place where community and creativity meet and dance!

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