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Totally Toddler Art

I was so happy to see that a few years ago the national education community began integrating arts with the sciences in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) oriented curriculum and programs. As an early childhood education specialist (and as an artist), it was always clear to me that these all shared a common theme: exploration. The value of exploration as a source of learning to think critically, creatively, and technically has been part of my field forever. It seemed that with the new STEAM programs for older children everyone finally saw what we early childhood specialists knew all along: that all of these topics naturally belong together and help support each other.

When I set out to create a menu of classes for Yellow Bird Studio, I initially called it Toddler STEAM, but the name sat badly with me for one main reason: that toddler living is STEAM, every day! Exploring, testing, observing, hypothesizing, creating, destroying, trying again and again. So I decided to change the name to better reflect how children live and learn, and our approach to art and science enrichment- to TOTALLY engage the youngest children in all different kinds of experiences that come together and develop a well-balanced child and creative thinker.

I am so excited to be teaching toddlers again. I taught at Baby Bungalow for 4 years while my own son was very young and have missed being in the moment with them, seeing the world through their new eyes, finding out about the world all over again with them.

Today was our first day of Totally Toddler Art and we had so much fun together- hope to see some more freinds join us next week!

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