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Yellow Bird Studio Weekly Update!

Here's what happening in our classes for the week of August 28th! As always, make your art experience fit your schedule- you can come in for the day or sign up for multiple classes!

Totally Toddler Art: Our art experience for the week will be everything to do with a toddler's favorite object- balls! Lots of ball art involving painting in various ways, sculpting and creating with round shapes. Our sensory experience will be gack! Choose from our Monday or Wednesday classes.

Story Time Art: We are reading the book called Clay Mates and engaging in lots of exploratory art with different kinds of modeling materials, including real clay. Choose from our Tuesday or Thursday classes.

Paint and Puddles: Our Reggio Emilia inspired drop-off class for preschoolers will continue to work on the broad topic of exploring the studio's different media with the children in our rich studio- a little painting, sculpting, building, drawing, sewing and sensory exploration that help the children fine tune their creative and artistic skills. Choose to come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Open Studio: This week, we invite families to come in and explore creating like some beloved artists. Open studio will only be Tuesday through Thursday this week due to birthday parties scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

Famous Artists Menu

Theodore Kandinsky- Explore mixing colors to create your very own, then create a Kandinsky inspired circle art masterpiece.

Vincent Van Gogh- A sensory bin with sunflower seeds for the littlest artists to explore and for the more experienced, try your hand at using oil pastels to draw a still life of some huge sunflowers.

Georgia O'Keeffe- Big, bold and beautiful tissue paper flowers are waiting for you to bring them to full bloom!

Michelangelo- How did he do it? Lay on your back and draw under a table to see what it must have been like to paint the Sistine Chapel!

Jackson Pollack- Action Jackson comes to life as you use a variety of objects to create a unique expressionistic painting!

Maker's Lab: The kids will work on their 3-D sculptures, moving on to painting them now that the paper mache has dried. Monday afternoon for school age children.

Crafternoon: What fun we had sewing our first little pillow pets! We will make another one this week, learning how to assemble them using straight stitches and continue to work on practicing sewing buttons. Tuesday afternoon for school age children.

Paint Masters: This week we will introduce working with watercolors and explore how to work with this fast drying medium to create beautiful effects. Wednesday afternoon for school age children.

Drawing 101: We will review shading objects to make them appear 3 dimensional, and then work on one point perspective. We will as always save a little time for working with some other media the studio has to offer! Thursday afternoon for school age children.

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