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Halloween Open House!

Join us this Saturday, October 28 from 10-12 with your toddler, preschooler or young elementary age child for some Halloween inspired arts and crafts! A great opportunity for the family to spend some together time and for those of you who are curious about our studio and have been meaning to stop by.

This is a free event- no pre-registration necessary- see you then!

Featured Artist

Mattie is a regular Art Club student. She loves creating 3-d art of all types. During several sessions, she was inspired to make a birthday cake using assembly techniques and paper mache. She plans on using the cake as a decoration to put out for family birthdays. Her class mate Gage was so inspired by her creation that he decided to make his own. Mattie offered to show him how to paper mache his cake. We love when students become so confident in their skills that they help each other out. When they teach another child, they learn so many other skills, like communication, sequencing, critical thinking, problem solving, to name a few!

Studio Inspirations

This week we will be doing arts and crafts in our Hand in Hand and Paint and Puddles classes that are inspired by Halloween including collage haunted houses, mummies, Halloween sensory experiences, and crafty black cats.

Next week we will continue the fun with spider and skeleton inspired arts and crafts for our youngest artists and their caregivers.

Our two caregiver and me classes are an awesome part of our families week, giving them an unhurried time to be together and have fun making things, without all the mess. Perfect for friends who want to get the kids together for a play date!

You Can Do It!

Young children need exposure to all kinds of sensory experiences to develop a wide range of skills which is why we include multiple sensory activities in our classes for young children.

An easy one, and a big favorite, is super soft dough. It is a simple two ingredient recipe that you can do at home and get the ingredients from a dollar store.

Just mix two cups of corn starch with one cup of any cheap hair conditioner together until it comes together to make a super soft, silky dough. Keep it in an air tight container and it will last for months! As with all art projects, make sure kids under 3 are supervised!

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