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Adult Art Classes

Meditative Art for women: 

If you want to create authentic art that no one else can create, let's get started!

Meditative Art for Adults at Yellow Bird Studio is the perfect class for you to use a variety of media in a beautiful and supportive atmosphere where judgements are left outside and acceptance is allowed in.  Connect with other women as you dive into the therapeutic and freeing world of art.  No talent required, just an open mind and a willing heart to go deep into yourself!


Age: 18 to 98

Day:  Monthly on Saturdays TBA

Time: 6:30-8:30

Location: Gunn Highway Studio

Price: Donation Based: Pay what you can or want to give, or come for free.  

All donations go toward a fund to give a deserving child a class or camp.  Please let us know if you know of a child/family who would like to benefit!

Materials: No, we supply all you need!    

Pre-registration: Yes.  Pre-registration and pre-payment are required by 12 PM the day prior to the event.   

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