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The Reggio Emilia Approach to the Arts

Our philosophy is based on both the Reggio Emilia approach to young children's education as well as the similar

Teaching for Artistic Behavior method that art educators use from elementary school through college.  We utilize instructional methods such as problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration, along with classical art instruction,  to engage creativity and curiosity in a studio space that is rich with possibilities and inspiration.

We believe that art happens best through self-initiated experiences with a wide variety of materials in an encouraging atmosphere.  As a process-art based studio, we encourage curiosity and imagination and focus on the process of creating rather than the final product.  Our "atelieristas", or studio teachers, are always on-hand to provide support, encouragement, and instruction when needed.

​Some key principles that the instructors at Yellow Bird Studio follow are:

  • Students are highly capable of self-initiated learning under the guidance of an "expert" who facilitates the process.

  • Students want to collaborate with others in the creative process.

  • Students have a "hundred languages" of expressing themselves and their ideas about the world, so free choice and interpretation are essential components to any excellent arts program. 

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