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YBS Summer Camp April Update

First, THANK YOU to all of you who have sent out well wishes to us while the studio remains closed during the Safe At Home mandate. We really miss seeing all the moms and kids coming during the week and all the fun birthday parties and celebrations on the weekends.

We also want to thank those of you who have purchased our Crafternoon kits recently. Those funds will help us keep our doors open (rent/utilities) since we only got a very small amount of business aid for our expenses (it didn't even cover our rent), unfortunately.

Anyway, we have been getting a few inquiries about summer camp and thought this update would answer a lot of questions!

Q: Is the deadline for refunds still April 30?

A: We are extending it to May 20. That way those of you who want to see how safe it is to send them to camp have some more time to decide.

Q: If I get a refund but change my mind later, can I re-enroll or put them on the waitlist?

A: To be fair, anyone who cancels will loose their spot and go to the end of the waitlist.

Q: If you do decide to cancel in-studio camps this summer, will you offer an alternative for those of us who are still interested in doing something with you?

A: Yes! We are working on Plan B, which is offering a virtual camp that meets daily through both live Zoom classes and some pre-recorded private You Tube videos. Similar to what we are doing with Crafternoon, you would pick up your kit the week before your camp starts and then follow along with us as we make arts and crafts.

Q: If I want to, can I just leave my summer camp money as a credit toward some future camp or class?

A: Yes. We will honor credits for cancellations. We will most likely mail/email you a gift card for you to use during the 2020-2021 year for any purpose.

Q: How are you going to handle sanitation/distancing at your studio if you do decide to open?

A: We are in the process of creating some kind of "screening" for the camp attendees as they arrive at the studio, plus making sure that hand washing (which we already did a lot of since we handle a lot of mess anyway) on a regular basis and breaking up into small groups for activities (which we also already were doing) during the time we are together. Thankfully, the studio is pretty large and there is plenty of space for everyone to keep a safe distance (we have no more than 12 students and the two of us). But, we will know more as the local, state and national recommendations come out. As former teachers and directors who dealt with contagious illnesses in child care centers on an ongoing basis, we know the protocols for sanitation very well!

Please let us know if there are any other quesitons you may have- we really hope to see you all very soon!

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