Yellow Bird Studio Update

In an attempt to share more in depth what Yellow Bird Studio is all about, we are starting a new weekly update format. Now that we are six weeks into our art enrichment classes, we are excited to share with you a weekly Featured Artist! We also want to begin Reflections, a place where we share a quote or the latest news on the value of creativity and the artistic process. Our Studio Inspiration section will cover what you can expect we will be doing in our various classes, and last, our You Can Do It will hopefully inspire you to get creative at home!

Featured Artist

This week we are proud to share with you the work of one of our Art Club students, Colin K. Colin is an avid Pokemon fan and wanted to create one of his favorite characters, Chesnaught. Colin went through the process of sketching what he wanted his rendition to look like, then moved on to looking through the studio materials and finding what he needed to assemble it. He then used paper mache and mixed acrylic paint to get the perfect shade of green. He used white felt to get the look of the hairy patch on the character's chest. Through the process he encountered struggles with getting the arms to stay on. He did not enjoy the slimy nature of the paper mache step and his studio teacher, Ms Pamela, provided lots of encouragement and assistance. His amazing creation now stands next to his bed in his room and is joined by another Pokemon character, Foakie, that he made during our summer camp Puppets Week. Great job Colin!


Studio Inspirations