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Look Whooo's Doing Art!

Featured Artist

Our featured artist just came to the studio today! Colton came to our Hand in Hand class this morning and he and his nanny made the cutest owl with paint, recycled materials and decupage. Even a little guy can have fun working on a multi-step project that involves both process and product art.

He started by mixing brown, black and white paint to paint an owl shape that was made from a paper bag, which gave the owl lots of texture. Then, he used decupage on black paper. Again he used the paper bags, but incorporated torn pages from an old Encyclopedia Britannica that was printed in 1891 (Ms Florie's mom had a set in her attic).

What a lucky chance that the page he tore up was the "BOO" section!

Studio Inspirations This Week

This owl project, plus lots of other owl inspired arts and crafts, will be available for both Hand in Hand and Paint and Puddles classes this week. We have sensory play with thistle seeds and feathers, googly eyes, feathers and playdo to make owl sculptures, feather headbands, painting with feathers, and much more!

Remember, we have increased our Hand in Hand class time and made it a drop-in class, so you can come in any time between 9:30-12 with your toddlers and preschoolers to do art as long as you like.

Our Paint and Puddles preschool drop-off class has moved to 1-3, but if you choose to stay and play with your preschooler and make art, you can do so for a reduced class rate.


You Can Do It!

With the children getting excited about the change in the weather and the shortening of the days, we love this easy art activity that not only gets children outside to collect leaves, but also teaches them the concepts of printing and positive and negative space. A great activity for any age. (from

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